Evernote Web Clipper 6 For Chrome Now Available

Evernote has rolled out the next update for its Web Clipper for Chrome, an extension that allows Evernote users to clip content from the web from a plug-in, then choosing to make edits to it if desired before sending it to their Evernote account or off to a social network of some sort. For those who already have the extension, the update will install automatically.

As you can imagine, the update brings with it new features on top of the ones already offered by the extension, as well as a new design that is functionally the same but visually revamped. Calling it the "Big Redesign," Evernote has added a panel on the right side of the browser screen that slides inwards towards the center when the Evernote elephant icon is clicked.

From there, users can then choose the content they want to clip, such as an entire page, an article, a simplified article, to create a bookmark, or to take a screenshot of the desktop. There are also the markup options in the panel, allowing clipped content to be labeled or otherwise marked, followed by some recent files and the option to either save a clip or share it with others.

The screenshot and markup options come from Skitch, with the only catch being that using it causes a screenshot of the visible page to be capture, but not the entire page — what you see is what you get, essentially. The sharing can be done with email, or to three social networks: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

All of this is rounded out with a new reminder feature on the Clipper, which allows a clip to have a reminder tagged to it with a date, something achieved by clicking a small alarm clock icon on the panel. Evernote promises that more features are on their way, but until then let us know what you think of the new features and design!

SOURCE: Evernote