Evernote updates iOS app, adds formatting options and improved PDF experience

Evernote has released a new update for its iOS app, taking it to version 5.2 and adding in a host of new and improved features. The improvements are particularly relevant to iPad users, offering improved functionality when viewing PDFs that Evernote boasts as providing a "much better" experience than the previous version. Likewise, the iPad version of the app has also gained a new Snippets feature.

Says Evernote, one of the things users like is having different note viewing options. Because of this, it has added a new Snippets feature to the iPad version of the app, allowing users to easily scan through their notes, flipping between months quickly and reducing the amount of time spent hunting for that list you wrote last July, for example. The Snippets view can be accessed by swiping down the upper part of the Notes list and tapping its icon.

Another big improvement is in PDF viewing, which is more refined than it has ever been. Version 5.2 contains an all new PDF viewer that offers a multi-page view along the bottom of the viewer, allowing readers to jump to any page in the document easily. Users can search within a PDF, with premium subscribers having the ability to search within a scanned document as well. There's landscape view when turning the mobile device sideways, and rotation lock to keep it from shifting around when you change position.

Perhaps the best improvement, however, is the new formatting options, which includes two ways to remove formatting that is not wanted. This is nestled under the "A" option for iPhone users, and under "no-formatting" for iPad users. The options include Simplify Formatting for cleaning up formatting problems, while Plain Text is self-explanatory, removing all formatting and generating a plain text document.

[via Evernote]