Evernote Tasks management feature arrives to take on Trello

Evernote, the platform that used to dominate the note-taking market, has added a new feature that enables it to compete with task management platform Trello. The new Evernote feature is simply called Tasks and it essentially functions as a supercharged to-do list. Users can link their tasks with notes, set a deadline, and more.

Evernote Tasks isn't a note-taking feature, but it works with the user's notes to add direct task management. Evernote Tasks include some key features needed in a to-do product, including the ability to priority flag certain list items, add due dates when applicable, and set reminders for those key tasks you need to complete.

Tasks differ from Trello, arguably the most popular card-based task management platform, by allowing Evernote users to tie to-do items with their notes. For example, users can place tasks within a note related to the activity.

As well, users can open their list of to-do items in Evernote's sidebar, including toggling between notes based on due dates and whether they've been flagged. Changes made to tasks accessed through, for example, a note, will also be reflected in the sidebar. Users can add up to five reminders for a note and can choose to get notifications for important tasks.

Evernote says Tasks will be widely available later this year, but the features will be accessible sooner under an Early Access period. Evernote plans to restrict some Tasks features based on different Evernote plans, but hasn't elaborated on how this will break down.