Evernote Skitch app for Android updated, improved

On October 30, we reported that Evernote had updated its Skitch app to version 2.0, bringing with it improved integration with other apps, giving users the "full Evernote treatment." Earlier today, Evernote pushed out a minor update, bringing the version up to Although the changes aren't as drastic as what was seen with version 2.0, it's still a notable change that dedicated users will appreciate.

The update brings with it a better array of tools, such as the Pen tool, which is now said to be more responsive, faster, and smoother. There's now a Hold and Lock feature for locking into the current tool being used, as well. Intelligent tool tips have been added, making the over all app easier to use. Tool behavior can be altered in "Settings."

Annotations with the new update now fit with images better thanks to improvements added to content scaling. A home view icon has been tossed into the mix, which makes it easier to access the settings. Says the announcement, there are also a "number pf other improvements [that] make the app smoother to use and more stable."

The move and pan tool has a new behavior that allows it to become active when a different object is selected, then deleted or de-selected, or when the screen is swiped. Those who use the app regularly will find the couple minutes it takes to update well worth it. The app is supported on all Android devices running 2.0 or higher.

[via Android Community]