Evernote on Android just made sharing a lot easier

It's been a while since we've last heard from Evernote. The last major update was back in January when it released an almost totally new app for iOS in version 8.0. As always, Android users have felt rather left out. This latest update isn't going to mend bridges, but, at least for now, it gives users of Google mobile platform an edge. Evernote is implementing some new features to make sharing faster and easier and, somewhat surprisingly, it's starting the rollout from the Android side.

Everyone loves to share right? The Internet, instant messaging, and social networks have made it almost too easy to share anything an everything. Some apps, however, didn't get the memo. Evernote, somewhat a bit late to the party, just did. In the latest Android version of the app, sharing has been made easier, whether you're sharing with another Evernote user or an outsider. The latter means giving them a link via email or text message but without you having to really think much about it.

Sharing, however, goes both ways. Sometimes you share things, sometimes things get shared with you. Evernote now gathers all those shared notes into one place so you won't have to hunt for them. And, of course, you can still search for and in those notes, in case you have tons.

Last but not least, Evernote on Android can let you also share notebooks. Here, "sharing" is synonymous to "collaborating". The feature lets you gather up related notes, say work files, into a single place to make sharing them all a piece of cake. And if they're Evernote users already, you can invite them to also contribute and edit.

Evernote has been labeled as one of the dying unicorns of Silicon Valley and has recently fallen from grace in the public's eye. It probably still has the largest user base of any note-taking service, however, and it's is at least reassuring for fans to see it take steps, though small, at regaining its lost glory.

SOURCE: Evernote