Evernote iOS app updated with Skitch support

Evernote has pushed out an update for its iOS app, tossing some more features into the mix, as well as support for Skitch. Those who update to version 5.4 will find Favorites on the iPhone transformed into Shortcuts, the ability to annotate notes with Skitch, and for Premium users, a new related notes feature that pulls up relevant past content.

The shortcuts addition is something that can be pulled up with a tap on the star tab, revealing shortcuts to a variety of content, as well as saved searches if desired. The shortcuts are synced across multiple Evernote apps for those who shift between devices. Shortcuts can be created for notebooks, notes, and such by tapping the same star tab from within the content.

As mentioned, the Skitch integration with the update allows users to mark up their content, whether it is a note, an image, or a PDF. Users will need to grab the Skitch app in order to use the new functionality, after which point a Skitch icon will be available to tap, pulling up the feature. Using Skitch with PDF files is reserved for Premium users.

The related notes is as simple as it sounds – related notes being pulled up beneath newer notes, making it easier to find content you might need from your notebooks while working on something else. As long as there is related content, it will automatically be pulled up underneath the current note. This feature is also reserved for Premium users.

And rounding it all out is Announcements, which is a section that Evernote will use to push it own content for users. Among the announcements will be things like tips, updates, and popular tutorials. This feature is accessible via the Bugle icon. Aside from these big four, the rest of the changes are minor, pertaining to things like performance and stability.

SOURCE: Evernote