Evernote on Android gets fingerprint security, but don't expect to use it for awhile

Evernote has finally given users something they've been wanting for a long time: fingerprint security. The feature enables users to secure their notes behind the biometric data, making it especially hard for snoops and thieves to mess around in documents that aren't any of their business. There is a 'catch,' though, in that the feature has arrived in the beta version of the Android app. If you're using the regular (read: non-beta app), you won't be able to see or use it.

Assuming you're part of the Android beta testing community, you can find the new fingerprint feature under Settings > Account Info > 'Unlock with fingerprint.' This is the same menu where users deactivate and/or change their passcode lock. The feature is turned on by toggling a switch, at which point the app will unlock using a fingerprint.

Quite obviously, your mobile device must have a fingerprint reader in order to utilize the feature. Given that the feature is becoming so common, there's a decent chance your device has one, and even if it doesn't, you can upgrade to a model with the feature for relatively little cost. The passcodes aren't going anywhere, though, so if that is your preferred security method, continue to use it like normal.

The feature is found in Evernote beta 7.12, and users report that it works well. There's no word about when we'll see this feature arrive in the regular version of the Evernote app, though the launch won't be too far off now that we're seeing the feature in beta. Check out the timeline below for more Evernote news!

SOURCE: Reddit, Evernote Google+ Community