Evernote for Android updates with simplified editing, improved offline notebooks

Evernote has long been the go-to note-taking and to-do list app for a lot of users, mostly because the app receives a lot of thorough updates very frequently, and today's update is no exception. Evernote for Android has updated with better offline notebooks, simplified note editing, and a new widget for your device's home screen.

First off, Evernote added the ability of selecting and downloading multiple notebooks at once, making it quicker to move a handful of notebooks offline. Offline notebooks allows you to access your notebooks quickly and easily without having an internet connection. Then, once you're back to a WiFi or data connection, you can upload any changes you made.

Evernote also gave a slight makeover to the Note Editor toolbar by cleaning it up a bit and getting rid of some clutter, which was a huge issue for a lot of Evernote users. Evernote moved a lot of the unnecessary toolbar features into the Action Bars along the top. Now, the toolbar only has the necessary editing tools that you really need.

Evernote also made some updates to its widget by introducing a new "Grid" widget, and it's designed to fit perfectly on any screen, no matter the size. To choose the new widget, just tap and hold on your handset's home screen and choose the Evernote Grid Widget. Then, just select the features that you want the widget to display, and it will appear on your home screen right away.

The update for Evernote is available now in the Google Play store, as well as the separate Evernote Widget app. Both are free downloads.