Everex cooking up sub-$300 Linux laptops for next year

Everex, the company that has been selling uber cheap PC's to Wal-Mart for a while now is looking to bring the same success their desktops have had to the laptop market. Everex is currently selling their TC2502 Green gPC desktop at Wal-Mart for $199 w/o monitor.

The notebooks will be available in sizes from 12.1 inches all the way up to 17 inches and will run the GOS version of Ubuntu 7.10. Everex is a subsidiary of a Taiwanese based company known as First International computer.

I guess we can expect the market to be flooded with Linux-based and cheap laptops and desktops in 2008. I am seriously considering going and buying one of those Everex desktops, and I can't wait till their laptops come out.

Everex to offer Linux Notebooks under $300 in 2008 [via i4u]