Ever Increasing Watch available to purchase at Yanko Design

Apparently Yanko Design has found that while concept devices are cool, geeks will part with their money for watches that look like concepts that you can actually own. Lately there has been a rash of new watches on Yanko that you can purchase rather than the concepts we are used to seeing. Last week we spied the Avatar 1259B Watch that you could purchase for $159.

Yanko has another new watch that you can buy today called the Ever Increasing Watch. The watch was designed by the EleeNo group and it looks pretty cool. The watch reminds me of some sort of chart you might make in math class with dotted lines that move up a grid. The top blue line is for hours, the middle green line is for the tens of minutes, and the bottom red line is for single minutes.

Despite how complex the watch looks, it is actually very easy to read with the numbers printed right below the dotted lines for you. You can get the watch with a black or a silver band and face for $179.