Etymotic mc2 noise isolating headset works on any platform

A while back Etymotic unveiled a set of earphones specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch. The headphones were called the mc3 and promises high accuracy sound, an inline control, and a comfortable fit. The company is back with a new set of noise isolation earphones that have an inline control that will work with any platform. That means the earphones will support Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry smartphones.

The MSRP for the earphones is $99 and they are available to buy right now online and in some retail locations. The earphones can be custom fit with the Etymotic Custom-fit program. The headphones promised accurate sound reproduction, high levels of noise isolation with up to 42dB reduction, and they use Accu-chamber tech.

The drivers are 8mm dual-magnet moving coil offerings. The headphones come with a 2-year warranty. The headphone cable is Kevlar reinforced for durability and the Accu-filter tech has replaceable filters to protect from earwax. The maker claims that the earphones are documented to provide the most noise isolation of any earphones or headphones on the market today.