Etymotic Ety8 Wireless Earphones

iPod-compatible wireless earphones are a welcome thought, but not so much a welcome sight with the Ety8 from Etymotic. With all our feature-packed gadgets getting so microscopic these days, it's a wonder they couldn't make these earpieces just a tad smaller. Perhaps my perception of scale is off, and do correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm imagining two huge rectangular objects hanging off your ears, making you the fashion statement of the 80s. Moreover, wasn't there someway they could have avoided that big thick cord connecting the earpieces? Nonetheless, should you find the Ety8 appealing–and perhaps they have excellent sound quality, which I will forever be ignorant of–then you can buy one in December for $299 with an iPod adaptor or $199 without. It comes with extra filters, foam ear flanges, cleaning tool, and leather carrying case.Etymotic to unveil Ety8 wireless earphones [Via: iLounge]