Espresso machine made from concrete sounds gross

I'm not a coffee drinker, but until my wife has a few cups I don't even like to look at her lest she smite me with early morning grumpiness. She uses a coffee maker made from plastic like most things today. If you like your coffee, but prefer it in a stronger espresso form and like really industrial looking designs the Lavazza is for you.

The espresso machine is functional and will make your highly caffeinated hot beverage. Rather then being made from plastic or high-end stainless steel the thing has a body made from concrete.

Concrete touching my drink sounds gross to me. The good news is that the espresso and water apparently don't actually touch the concrete. You put the water into a water drawer where it is made into the dark and smelly beverage. Apparently, the coffee beans are in contact with the concrete before they are ground.