ESPN+ annual cost is going up months after last price hike

The latest streaming subscription to get a substantial price increase is ESPN+, the standalone option for sports fans who don't have a traditional cable or satellite service. This new price increase impacts the annual subscription rate for those who prefer to pay for a full year upfront; it comes only a few months after the monthly price increase.

In August, ESPN+ increased the cost of its monthly plan by one dollar to $5.99/month, but the annual plan subscription stayed the same price at $49.99 USD. Existing subscribers were given a reprieve from the price increase that would last a year, but new customers had to pay the higher rate, making the annual option more appealing.

Fast-forward a few months and ESPN+ is now getting a price increase for its annual plan — from the current $49.99 USD to $59.99, a ten-dollar increase, but still cheaper than paying for a full year in monthly installments.

The price increase will take place on January 8 for new members, according to Engadget, while existing subscribers will have until at least March 2 to renew at the current price. If you were planning to sign up for ESPN+ at some point, you'll want to consider signing up in the next week or so for the lower rate, assuming you don't plan to pay per-month.

The price increase comes amid a number of similar price hikes across streaming services, including on-demand platforms and live streaming TV services. ESPN+ is one of the services bundled with Disney+ and Hulu at $12.99/month total, making it the most economical choice for some.