Eric Schmidt: 1.3 Million Android activations daily, 500 million devices worldwide

Google and Motorola are on stage here in NYC to announce their new slew of Android smartphones but to start things off Google's own Eric Schmidt came out to steal the show and talk about the Motorola partnership and acquisition. First however, he shared some numbers on Android growth that is staggering.

Google's own Eric Schmidt approached the stage and quickly amazed us all by talking numbers. Stating that the growth of Android as a whole has continued to grow and grow, just as we expected, and now there are over 1.3 million Android devices activated every single day. That is every single day! Amazing if you actually think about it.

Then Schmidt continued on to talk about Motorola as a whole, and how they were the correct route for Google to take to help expand and change the mobile landscape. Then just to tease everyone he shouted out an even bigger number. There is now almost 500 million Android devices in use across the globe.

Eric Schmidt quickly took the time to talk Motorola, numbers, the future, and then finished by saying do the math! With Dennis Woodside here to take Motorola to the next step, and Google to continue to push the cutting edge with Android things should be exciting. Stay tuned for plenty of DROID RAZR news coming soon.