ErgoQuest 500 Lets You Work in Bed

We all know sitting long hours at the computer is not healthy, but for many of us, our occupation leaves us no choice. The ErgoQuest 500 from Office Organix makes the best of it by providing a flexible system that lets you recline and even lay in bed as you work. Employers probably wont be furnishing the office with these anytime soon, but if you work from home, this might be a good solution for your home office.

The ErgoQuest 500 comes with a motorized monitor tilt platform that can tilt monitors up to 150lbs from 0 to 55 degrees and also accomodates LCD monitors. The motorized legs also raise and lower the table with up to 400lbs of equipemtn from 31 to 50 degrees with the push of a button.

Ergopod 500, Surf the Internet in Bed [Via: Neatorama]