Epson's new Pro EX projectors are made for home offices

If you're working from home and want a large display for presentations or other work, Epson is here with new options: the Pro EX10000, Pro EX9240, and EX3280. These models are made for home offices and 'hybrid workspaces,' according to Epson, which notes that the models can also be repurposed for the occasional home movie night.

Multiple displays are great for getting work done, but sometimes you may need to see things on a larger scale — for example, previewing a presentation the way viewers will see it before sending it off. That's where Epson's new projectors come in.

Top of the new lineup is the Pro EX10000 model; it is distinguished from the other two by being laser-based rather than lamp-based, according to Epson, which notes this model also has a 100,000:1 contrast ratio, 4,500 lumens, and, as you'd expect, a higher price tag than the other two.

The Pro EX9240 and EX3280 models, meanwhile, both feature lamp light sources, the Pro model sporting a Full HD resolution and the EX3280 has an XGA resolution. The models likewise feature 4,000 lumens and 3,600 lumens, respectively, as well as 16,000:1 and 15,000:1 contrast ratios. While both have built-in speakers, only the Pro models have a 16-watt speaker.

The Pro models also feature vertical keystone with a horizontal slider and wireless support, both of which are lacking on the cheapest model. The same goes for the number of ports: while the Pro models have two HDMI ports, the EX3280 only has one.

Epson's new Pro EX and EX3280 home office projectors are now available to purchase at $499 (EX3280), $849 (PRO EX9240), and $1,299 (Pro EX10000).