Epson unveils new PowerLite 1220 and 1260 projectors at budget prices

Epson has a ton of projectors in its range that are aimed at users at home and in the business world. The company has announced a couple new projectors for small businesses looking for lower priced offerings that will fit a budget. The new projectors include the PowerLite 1220 and 1260. The main difference in the two projectors is the screen resolution.

The 1220 has a XGA resolution and sells for $649. The 1260 is a WXGA resolution projector with a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:10. Both of the projectors have 2600 lumens of color and white light output and promise lifelike colors.

Other common features for the two projectors are automatic keystone correction, 1.2x optical zoom, direct power on and off with a wall switch for installed users, and 3LCD tech. The projectors also include carry cases and can be set up and ready to use in five seconds. A USB plug and play feature allows the projector to work with a single USB connection to a notebook and the 1260 has HDMI output as well.