Epson low-cost Anti-Shake Technology helps reduce blur for phone cam

Novice user of camera on a phone are less likely to know the relation between shutter speed and blur images. In general, the faster the shutter speed the more accurately you can freeze actions to avoid blur image. Unfortunately most camera phone doesn't allow basic operation like aperture, shutter, and ISO control – images shot at low light condition are potentially blur. Epson Toyocom Corp has developed a new anti-shake technology based on the relation without the high cost of optical or sensor-based image stabilizer.

The anti-shake features an angular velocity sensor, it calculates and corrects amount of shake instantaneously at the moment of releasing the shutter by raising the shutter speed and optimizes the ISO sensitivity in line with the shutter speed.

Frankly, if you know a thing or two about shutter speed, the technology is as good as low light mode with high iso setting. For many that do not have that knowledge, Epson Toyocom has the answer for you and the company said it's relatively low cost to develop since it only requires a microcontroller and the sensor.