Epson debuts ES3000 Portable Projector Screen

Shane McGlaun - Jun 16, 2010
Epson debuts ES3000 Portable Projector Screen

There are a lot of portable projectors on the market with a focus on the business user who travels a lot to give presentations. What we don’t hear much about are screens that are portable aimed at the same crown.

Many of the portable projectors need an ideal projection surface to really work well and Epson has announced a new ultra portable projector screen called the ES3000 just for the mobile users. The new screen comes in a wheeled case and has a one-piece design.

The screen collapses and expands vertically and horizontally to fit the space you have to work with and can be used for up to 80-inch images. The screen can also be configured into 4:3, 16:9, or 16:10 aspect ratios. The MSRP for the ES3000 is $249 and Epson says it is currently available though I can’t find it online or in the Epson catalog at the time of writing.

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