Epson 9900 printer discovered to waste nearly 20% of ink cartridges

We've long known that the pricing and value of printer ink cartridges are a scam, but one Seattle print shop has revealed just how bad the situation is, and how evil printer companies can be. One would think that will how expensive cartridges can be, they'd at least get close to being empty before needing replacement. It seems that's not the tactic Epson employs with its professional-grade 9900 printer. Bellevue Fine Art has made a video that show just how much ink is left in a cartridge when it's determined to be empty.

The Epson 9900 printer uses a set of eleven 700 ml ink cartridges, costing around $100 individually or over $1,000 for a full set. When the Epson 9900 notifies users that an ink cartridge is running too low and must be replaced, it's supposed to mean there's about 1% of ink left. Turns out, it's much more than that.

Bellevue Fine Art took the cartridges that were said to be too low, opened them up, and poured out the remaining ink. They found that 700 ml cartridges had an average of between 100 and 150 ml of ink left inside, while 350 ml cartridges still had 60-80 ml of ink. That all came out to be between 15% and 20% of a cartridge's contents, ink that would normally be thrown away.

The printing studio mentions that it's tried to contact Epson about this issue, as any frustrated customer in this situation should do, but hasn't received any kind of response. There's a chance Epson might react with the publication of this video, but in the meantime Bellevue Fine Art says the company needs to improve the way it measures cartridge ink, as it results in hundreds of dollars per month getting thrown away.

SOURCE Bellevue Fine Art

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