Epix video streaming lands on PS3

Sony PS3 owners can get access to a new streaming movie application on the game console as of today. The streaming movie application is Epix and it will be coming to the PlayStation Vita as well in the coming weeks. Epix is more like HBO Go and other premium cable network streaming programs than Netflix.

To be able to use the Epix application on your PS3, consumers have to be an authenticated subscriber to a participating cable or satellite company. However, the streaming application is offering a two week free trial to get people try the app and the network now and weekly free preview movie titles. That means if you download the app, even if you don't have a cable subscription to Epix, you will be able to watch some content.

Cable subscribers who have access to the network and authenticate will be able watch over 3000 movies including some new releases. Those new releases include some very popular films such as The Avengers, Skyfall, The Hunger Games, Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, and more. The streaming application will also offer access to exclusive and original content from the television network.

The original content that will be offered via the app includes the network's Original Concert events, documentaries, comedy specials, and championship boxing events. Epix says that in the future will also be offering a free movie or special event each week to PlayStation Plus members who download the app. Cable subscribers who do have the network as part of their subscription package can use the application at no additional cost.

[via Epix]