Epic's first big Fortnite Season 7 teaser is an alien observation log

With only three days left in the current Fortnite season (including today, June 5), Epic has finally dropped an official teaser for the upcoming Chapter 2 – Season 7 scheduled to arrive on June 8. The company is sticking with the same kind of teaser trend we saw last season, but with a twist: rather than Agent Jones submitting observation logs, this one comes from the aliens.

Epic released the teaser on its Fortnite Twitter account on Saturday; the video is titled 'Catalog Entry #437-887' and it is written from the perspective of the aliens that found the battle royale island. The video includes a beam of light causing some items, including a carton of milk, to hover in the air. The only audio is a series of mechanical clicks and scratches.

This is the first time Epic has released an official teaser for the upcoming season, not including the advertisements that started appearing on social media in recent days. The entry log makes it clear the aliens are observing the people who fight on the battle royale island, noting that they consume a 'bone modification liquid.'

The message clearly pertains to the milk carton visible in the tractor beam, indicating that the aliens aren't familiar with the beings on the map. Whether that hints at the type of invasion taking place — one of curious observation rather than hostile takeovers — is yet to be seen. The tweet includes a note that players can expect a 'full data upload' on June 8.

The first signs that something big was coming to the island came in the form of crude barriers popping up on the map's big POIs, including random items stacked on roads to block entry. As well, the game indicates that government forces on the island have been observing the phenomena, including a black helicopter that crashed.

We still don't know what kind of big event may end the current season and usher in Season 7, but aliens have started randomly abducting people in Fortnite, so there's a good chance that whatever is planned will involve the outer space beings.