Epic teases Fortnite's future following big Season 3 flood leak

In recent days, a video was published claiming to reveal all sorts of major Fortnite Season 3 details, the key one being alleged plans for a future flood that will take over the game's new island. This was a surprising revelation, though perhaps not too unusual given the major water changes Epic introduced with Chapter 2. Now actual changes have appeared in the map that hint at that future event.

This week, streamer Tabor Hill published a video claiming on behalf of a source that Epic is planning to flood the Fortnite island, introduce possibly robotic shark vehicles, an Aquaman skin, and more. The leaker is anonymous, unknown even to Hill, though he or she has reportedly provided the streamer with very accurate details on past events.

Obviously, we do not know whether the 'great flood' claim is true, but the appearance of new elements in Fortnite has added a hint of credibility. Players have started noticing small patches of erosion and puddles throughout the island; they're quite small and hard to find, but can be found all over the place, including near bridges and in random parking lots.

The puddles and eroding landscape seem to hint at a future water-based event that, based on where the puddles are located, will likely happen across the entire island. This makes it seem that the floor theory may be accurate after all, meaning Season 3 may arrive in the form of a big tsunami or general rising of the waters, though that's yet to be seen.

The video leak alleged that many changes will arrive with the delayed third season, including the addition of blue phone booths that will enable players to swap their skins in the middle of a match. Epic, of course, has not confirmed any of the leaks, but we will know for sure when the new season arrives on June 4.