Epic Pulled Fortnite Item Shop Category With Travis Scott Emote

Fortnite players recently noticed the "Daily" category in the battle royale game's Item Shop had disappeared — something Epic later acknowledged as an intentional change, not the result of a bug. The company didn't reveal a reason for this temporary change, but given one of the emotes that was available in Daily, players likely already know the answer.

Epic confirmed that it removed Fortnite's Daily section in the Item Shop via a tweet on its game status Twitter account. Though the company still hasn't given a reason for the removal, fans pointed out that the Daily section included a Travis Scott emote with the song "Out West."

Though the big Travis Scott Astronomical Fortnite crossover event took place last year, the artist had recently returned to the battle royale game in a smaller fashion via the Out West emote, which arrived alongside the Astroworld music festival. The removal coincides with a crowd surge during the music festival that resulted in eight deaths and hundreds of injuries.

The tragedy has prompted an investigation into the venue, including whether the layout contributed to the issue and what caused the crowd surge to occur. Some of the victims were minors, resulting in criticism of Scott's Fortnite crossovers; some critics have accused him of using the platform to promote himself to kids.

Epic has not stated why it removed the Daily section, so it's not possible to say whether the decision was ultimately intended to remove the Out West emote from the Item Shop. However, and as promised, the Daily section reappeared with the latest Item Shop refresh — and, of course, the Out West emote is no longer available.