Epic lets Fortnite players create their own Season 9 recap videos

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 10, 2019, 11:20 am CDT
Epic lets Fortnite players create their own Season 9 recap videos

In late May, Epic Games released a tool that enabled Fortnite players to see a recap of their Season 8 gameplay in a convenient, highly shareable video. The company is back with an update to this tool, this time offering Fortnite players a video recap of their Season 9 gameplay highlights, including season stats and favorite destinations.

For Season 9, Epic is allowing Fortnite players to create their own video recaps or view one automatically created by Epic itself. The latter option is the fastest and easiest way, but the ‘Create My Own’ opportunity enables players to leave out the parts of their Season 9 gameplay that they’re not interested in.

Players can choose six stats to include in their recap video. Examples include ‘Favorite Outfit,’ ‘Favorite Weapon,’ ‘Beach Assault,’ ‘Horde Rush,’ ‘Favorite Emote,’ ‘Victory Royales,’ ‘Neo Titled Landings,’ and more. Not all potential stats are available to include, however, based on what the player did during the previous season.

After choosing the six stats they want included in their video, players are given half a dozen color theme options for the video — there’s hot pink, as well as blue, teal, green, orange, and purple gradients. Finally, players are given six soundtrack options for their video, none of which are named but with the option to preview the audio before choosing it.

The final video, regardless of whether you created it yourself or chose the Epic-created option, is available to directly share by copying a link or by downloading in order to re-upload it to one’s own video channel. You can access your own recap video by visiting Epic’s website here.

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