Epic just slyly confirmed Fortnite x Rick & Morty crossover

We previously saw hints that hit animated sitcom Rick & Morty may get a Fortite crossover and now we know for sure. Though Epic hasn't outright announced a crossover involving the series, it has all but confirmed its plan with the latest Season 7 trailer. One of the objects appearing in the aliens' tractor beam is the Butter Robot.

In the animated series, Rick invents a small intelligent robot, which asks its creator what its purpose is. Rick declares that its purpose is to pass the butter — it is, after all, the butter robot. This same robot is featured front and center in Epic's latest teaser (below) and it's holding a stick of butter just in case you had any doubts.

There's really no other way to interpret the robot's presence, but what remains unclear is how extensive the crossover will be. Given that one of the robots from the show is featured in a teaser — as well as the next season's alien-themed content — it seems likely this may be a fairly big crossover compared to some we've seen.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 will be titled "They're Coming," which refers to the aliens who have started abducting players on the battle royale island. We don't yet know how prominent they will be in the next season, but space and aliens seem to be the major theme. Epic has teased a couple of futuristic weapons this past week.

The downtime will start at 2 AM ET tomorrow morning, which is a bit earlier than usual due to the patch's atypically large size. Players will be able to watch the next season's launch trailer on YouTube at the same time the downtime starts, assuming you plan to be up in the wee morning hours.