Epic is probing an annoying Fortnite bug that causes stuck players

Epic Games has acknowledged reports of a frustrating Fortnite bug that is causing some players to become stuck in place, unable to move their character from the spot where it freezes. This same general issue is also causing issues in which players can move but are unable to access their backpack inventory, leaving them without most of their gear.

Epic is calling these problems 'desynchronization issues' and it is encouraging players to report the issues when they experience them. On the FortniteBR subreddit, an Epic employee asked that players who experience the issue use the 'Submit Feedback' option found within the in-game menu.

The subject and body of the message should include 'desync issue' so that the team can better narrow down what is causing the problem. Many players have reported experiencing this bug, which doesn't appear to be caused by the player's own Internet connection.

In some cases, the issue will eventually resolve itself, but in many instances, the player is forced to leave the match and enter a new one in order to continue playing like normal. Epic currently has this problem listed on Trello as 'Investigating/In Development' with orange priority; the bug is also listed as impacting all platforms.

This is one of a number of bugs that Epic is currently investigating. Other issues that have a higher priority include a bug in which players are unable to open Winterfest presents, one that makes the chatbox inaccessible, and another that is causing players to respawn in Team Rumble with only a single health point.