Epic is finally dealing with some major Fortnite Team Rumble bugs

Team Rumble, the team deathmatch mode in Fortnite that includes respawning, has been plagued by some pretty major bugs lately, including missing teammate arrows, failure to load into the Battle Bus, and dropping into the middle of a nearly-over match. Epic is finally addressing these issues, it revealed in tweets on Friday, while revealing that the late-match loading actually is a bug.

Team Rumble players have been putting up with a number of bugs during the game's C2S2, including disappearing player arrows that caused havoc in team deathmatch mode. Without those arrows, players had no way of knowing which players were enemies and which were opponents, causing them to randomly shoot anyone who came nearby.

That problem has since been fixed, but a few others have remained, including issues with loading into a match when it is nearly complete, as well as the Battle Bus randomly abandoning some players on spawn island. Because Epic is no longer offering detailed patch notes for game updates, players were left speculating whether Epic was dropping players into active matches to make up for players who had left the matches.

A new tweet today by the official Fortnite Status account reveals that the almost-complete match loading was, in fact, a bug. The company said it was looking into that issue and also the problem of some players loading into a match while others were left on the spawn island to die in the storm.

A mere hour after publishing that tweet, Epic returned to announce through the same Twitter account that it has resolved both of these issues. Players should no longer be loaded into active matches nor left on the island after the Battle Bus leaves: