Epic has a stern warning about buying and selling Fortnite accounts

Though many items eventually make their way back into Fortnite's Item Shop, some are far less common than others — and many skins are exclusives in one way or another, making them rare. If you started playing the game later than everyone else, you may be tempted to buy an older Fortnite account for its classic and rare skins — and that, Epic reminds players, would be a very bad idea.

If you read Epic's EULA for Fortnite, it states that you aren't allowed to sell your account or purchase one from someone else, among many other things. As you'd expect, that hasn't stopped players from doing this, and it has prompted a reminder from the company:

As well, the company reminds players not to fall for scams that involve revealing their login credentials to a third-party — this has been particularly common among players who believe they'll get free V-Bucks, as well as those who fall for phishing emails. Two-factor authentication is available and, in the case of competition, required.

Swapping accounts isn't the only thing that can get your ID disabled, of course. Cheating, including taking advantage of exploits to your advantage, can also result in your account being suspended. The consequences are big, at least for diehard players — you'll lose access to all the items you've purchased and unlocked.

Fortnite is currently in its (second) fifth season, one that is decorated with lights and other festive things for the holidays. Fans anticipate some kind of New Year event, as with the previous couple of years, but it's unclear what Epic has cooked up for ushering in 2021.