Epic Games Store adds self-service game refunds feature for customers

Epic Games has announced a development update that includes, among other things, the arrival of what it calls self-service refunds for customers. Put simply, the feature enables customers to easily refund their purchases on their own, assuming it qualifies for the refund process, of course. The feature is readily accessible within the user's Epic Games account.

The Epic Games Store offers refunds for eligible game purchases — all games can be refunded within 14 days of when they were bought. The company allows users to return the games for any reason, assuming they haven't played more than two hours of the title during that time. To be eligible, the user can't be banned from the games they're attempting to refund.

Epic says that it will prevent refunds in cases where a customer has violated other terms of service or if the company finds that they're abusing its return policy. Assuming none of those things apply to you, it's possible to request a refund within your Epic Games account through its 'Transactions' tab in the right-hand menu.

Within 'Transactions,' scroll down and find the transactions for which you want a refund, then simply click "Request Refund." Epic says that the money will be returned to the payment method used to purchase the game in most cases and that the payment method will determine how long it takes the refund to be applied.

Epic notes that it is changing the way its system determines whether the user owns the game; this now happens during the launch process, meaning users will be quickly alerted about whether they do not own the installed game they're attempting to play. Players who attempt to play a game that they're requested a refund for will see the following error: "Error Code: LS-0021."