Epic Games Store achievements arrive soon: What to know

Today, Epic Games announced that its storefront will soon support achievements. The new achievements system Epic is implementing will allow developers to create achievements for their games while players earn account XP for earning them. At the start, the Epic Games Store will only have a handful of games that support achievements, but Epic expects that more games will follow later in the year.

If this is a surprising announcement because you thought that the Epic Games Store already had achievements, you certainly aren't alone. In fact, Epic even covers that very question in its announcement today, noting that the achievements which previously existed in some games were "developer achievements" that Epic had no hand in crafting or maintaining.

On the other hand, this new system is meant to bring Epic Achievements "more in line with achievement systems on other platforms," the company says. Epic Achievements will be sorted into four different tiers, and those tiers are determined by XP value. Bronze tier, for instance, is for achievements that provide 5-45 XP. Silver-tier achievements will grant 50-95 XP, while achievements in the Gold tier will grant 100-200 XP.

There is also a Platinum tier of achievements that will award 250 XP, but those are only granted after earning 1,000 XP from other achievements associated with a particular game. So, it sounds like each game will offer 1,000 XP in achievements, then players automatically earn an extra 250 XP on top of that when they hit the 1,000 XP mark. Players will be able to track their achievement progress – and see which achievements they're close to earning – on a new Epic Achievements page.

Epic Achievements are launching next week and will be available in Rocket League, Hades, Pillars of Eternity, Kena, Zombie Army 4, Alan Wake Remastered, and more, though there doesn't seem to be a complete list of games that support achievements at the time of this writing. Epic says that it will get these achievement tools in the hands of more developers soon, so we should expect more games to offer achievements later this year.