Epic Games Store 15 days of free games kicks off with Cities: Skylines

Ever since the Epic Games Store launched, it's been giving away free games each week as an incentive for PC gamers to join up. The hope, obviously, is that people use the free games to create a library within the Epic Games launcher and eventually become customers of the store. Those free games have done a lot to increase the Epic Game Store's visibility, and now it looks like Epic is going to end the year with a bang by offering 15 days of free games.

That begins today with the offer of Cities: Skylines. The game will be free on the Epic Games Store until December 18th at 11AM EST, which is when the next free game will rotate in. That means each game will be free for 24 hours before being replaced by something else. Perhaps those looking to claim every free game should set a daily alarm on their phone?

We don't know what the upcoming free games are, because Epic is keeping those under wraps. Leaks ahead of this promotion suggested a lineup of truly big names in the world of PC gaming, but since Cities: Skylines isn't on a particular list of games that's been making the rounds, it's probably safe to say at least that leak was inaccurate.

Of course, you never know. That list – which showed such games as Borderlands 3, Monster Hunter World, Horizon Zero Dawn, Hitman 2, and Assassin's Creed Origins – could be partially accurate, but some of those entries certainly seem like long shots. For now, we probably shouldn't expect any of those games to go free during the next two weeks and instead kick back with the expectation of a surprise each day.

In any case, if you're looking to add Cities: Skylines to your PC gaming collection, be sure to snag it from the Epic Games Store by 11AM EST tomorrow. We'll let you know what tomorrow's free game is once it rotates in, so stay tuned for more.