Epic Games' free giveaway list has leaked

The period between mid-November until around the first week of January is always filled with sales, discounts, and even some giveaways. That almost applies to all industries but even more to those in the digital content distribution enterprise. In short, gamers can expect a lot of giveaways during the holiday season and Epic Games' Christmas list has just been leaked to get PC gamers pumped up for what the newest kid on the games store block has prepared for this year.

Digital games distribution has made it too easy to collect more titles than one can actually play in a lifetime, which is exactly what games and store owners want in the first place. Still, there might be titles here and there that have piqued your interest but couldn't really justify getting, at least not until they get the most affordable price tag of "free".

Gamers, just like shoppers, are always waiting for sales and discounts and nothing beats a 100% discount during the holidays. The Epic Games Store, which just celebrated its second birthday, is no different and, just like last year, has a selection of titles that it gives away for free each day, presuming you're quick on your toes.

This year's list has been leaked on Twitter and it seems legit because the first four titles are spot on. That means that Alien: Isolation, Metro 2033, and Darkest Dungeon, which still isn't on the Epic Games Store, should be coming in the next few days.

Free games are definitely a sure way to get a store noticed, especially considering the Epic Games Store's rather controversial beginnings. Although the rhetoric has more or less died down by now, the game development and publishing giant will surely keep on preaching about the benefits its platform has, especially in giving game owners a bigger cut of sales.