Epic finally tweaks Fortnite's annoying Taco Time dance

Greasy Grove, the latest old school location to reappear on the Fortnite map, comes with a random and mandatory Taco Time dance that, once it starts, makes players invincible and restores some health. That sounds great, except that invincibility can't be put to good use — during Taco Time, players have two tacos in their hands and they're forced to dance for an annoying length of time.

Taco Time is a forced dance that happens frequently in the new Greasy Grove, a Rift Zone where Durr Burger from the original POI has been replaced with a new taco restaurant. As a result of that restaurant, players in the Rift Zone randomly start dancing to music with two tacos in their hands, a movement similar to the one seen with the Taco Time emote.

There is one benefit to this — players get a health boost when the dancing starts, helping them fight for longer durations in that Rift Zone without dying. Some downsides join this, however, including losing the ability to revive a downed partner; if you're halfway through reviving someone when the dancing starts, the revive will be canceled.

Most notably, though, players have complained about the duration of this dancing — it lasted for around a full minute, which many players felt was far too long to run around dancing with tacos in their hands. Things changed on Friday when Epic Games announced the arrival of a patch that cuts the dancing time in half, decreasing the disruption to the gameplay.

In addition, the Storm will no longer place the final Storm circles in Rift Zone points of interest, which should cut down on complaints from players who had their endgames ruined by things like Taco Time and the Prop Hunt in Moisty Palms. The update went live on Friday.