Epic explains how to get around Fortnite Mobile login issue

The mobile version of wildly popular battle royale game Fortnite is currently experiencing a login issue, the company revealed on Thursday. The problem is only impacting players who are attempting to sign into the game using a Facebook or Google account, meaning there is a way to get around the present issue. Epic explained a workaround on its Fortnite Mobile subreddit.Fortnite Mobile is the version of the game available for iOS and Android devices. Logging in using a Facebook or Google account is arguably the fastest option given that most players will already have at least one of those accounts. As of June 13, players are having issues logging into the game with either service.

The company will no doubt fix this problem in the future, but in the meantime, it has offered its mobile players a somewhat simple way to get around the problem. You'll need a device via which you can sign into your Fortnite account using a browser. You'll need to log in using either the Facebook or Google account you use for the game.

After signing in through the browser, go into your Fortnite account's Password & Security settings, then choose "Create a new password." Enter whatever new password you'd like, then confirm the change in the browser window. If you have verification turned on, you'll need the verification code sent to the account's email address.

With that out of the way, fire up Fortnite Mobile and press the three bars featured in the app's corner, then the square with the arrow on it. This will sign you out of the game. Now log back into Fortnite using the Epic Games selection with the email associated with the Facebook or Google account, as well as the new password.