Epic drops an updated look at Fortnite Crew's First Shadows Set

September marked the start of a unique Fortnite Crew bundle set that will be released over three months. Assuming you get all three monthly sets offered through November, you'll also get some unique bonus styles for all three skins. The first skin was revealed this month with the latest subscription refresh, and now Epic has shared a slightly updated image featuring all three of the First Shadows.

If you check out Epic's August announcement about 'The First Shadows' bundle, it features a pink image with sketches of all three skins. In a tweet on its official Fortnite account, Epic shared an updated version of this image — it remains largely the same, except the third skin has been updated with a new look.

The skins presented in the original image weren't quite the same; while the first two had unique face masks, the third looked like an ordinary human with a submachine gun. The new version of the image changes that third skin so that it, too, has a unique and somewhat creepy face mask.

The new design fits much better with the overall theme of the First Shadows and the designs used for the first two skins. September brought the left skin (The Burning Wolf); the middle skin (Chaos Origins) will arrive next month and the final skin (Sierra) on the right will arrive in November.

The First Shadows refers to the three "unlikely allies" brought together by Midas, Epic revealed in August, fleshing out a bit of the game's ongoing storyline. Each skin has bonus styles that are unlocked in November if you get all three Crew bundles, which are dropped monthly with related pickaxes, back bling, and 1,000 V-Bucks.