Epic disables Boundless skins in Fortnite competitive, but they'll return

Epic recently rolled out a couple of restrictions for its Boundless Set superhero skins, addressing 'pay-to-win' claims regarding the former ability to make the skins all-black or all-white. Though that change has been added, the recent discovery of a bug related to it has resulted in Epic temporarily disabling these cosmetics in Fortnite Competitive.

The Boundless Set of superhero skins have been somewhat controversial among Fortnite players. The issue revolved around the ability to set the superhero skins to black/black and white/white color schemes, meaning the player could have an all-black skin or an all-white skin. This, some said, gave those players a 'pay-to-win' advantage.

The reason was due to how hard it was to see the all-black skin in dark and shadowy areas of the map; to a lesser degree, the all-white skin could offer some advantages in snow biomes. Epic addressed the matter by removing the ability to choose black or white for both skin color options.

As tends to happen, the new update that addresses the problem has a bug and players have already revealed how to get around the restriction. Notorious game bug-hunter Glitch King has published a video showing how to get the all-black or all-white color scheme back...and that's a problem when it comes to competitive gameplay.

Presumably due to this newly revealed bug, Epic has announced that the Boundless Set has been temporarily disabled in competitive gameplay. This won't be a permanent change, however, with the company noting that it will enable the skins in Fortnite competitive once update 15.40 is released.