Epic asks Fortnite players to help it find new game bugs

Epic has officially pushed out the Fortnite 11.50 update that added the Physics Chaos system to the game. This wasn't the major overhaul players had anticipated, but it did add some new things to the game: bugs. Players have noticed a number of issues since the update's arrival and now Epic is asking them to help it find and destroy these bugs. Players should put 'Physics' as the subject of their feedback, the company says.

The version 11.50 update added Unreal Engine's Chaos physics system to Fortnite — something that players had expected would change the way buildings crumble and more, but in reality, it didn't change anything (from the perspective of a player, that is). Epic said it will be monitoring the game post-update for any issues, of which there have been many.

The company maintains a Trello board where players can view current, known bugs, which part of the game they impact, potential ways to get around the bugs, and what priority Epic has assigned to them. The company has added a new card specifically for the bugs introduced by the Chaos physics system addition. Epic has marked it as 'Investigating' with a bright red solicitation for help from players.

The company is asking players to use Fortnite's in-game feedback tool to submit any bugs they find. These bug reports should include the word 'physics' in the subject line so that the team knows they're a post-update issue. As well, the feedback should include a precise and concise message that 'accurately describes the issue(s) you're experiencing.'

A number of bugs have already been discovered and reported, including issues where boats may start floating or they move around 'oddly,' problems with erratic capes and skins, boats that fall through the map if they're moving off a high cliff or through a building, as well as some 'odd' vehicle behavior in Creative and a stretchy Chomp Jr. Pickaxe.