Envoy Pro mini SSD packs 480GB in thumb drive form factor

Shane McGlaun - Jan 8, 2016
Envoy Pro mini SSD packs 480GB in thumb drive form factor

OWC has unveiled a new and small form factor storage drive that is highly portable and crams a lot of storage space inside. The device is the Envoy Pro mini and inside its normal thumb drive form factor is a tiny SSD that has 480GB of storage space. This new version doubles the previous highest capacity in the Envoy mini line of 240GB.

With so much storage space on the small flash drive, fast data transfer speeds are important. OWC claims that the Envoy Pro mini is good for data speeds of up to 427 MB/s giving it performance similar to desktop SSDs you would cram inside your desktop or notebook.

The drive connects to computers via a USB 3.0 port. OWC integrates data management technology to keep the storage device working at full speed even it it’s almost full. It also features hardware error correction for improved data retention and better drive health.

If 480GB is more data capacity than you need the Envoy Pro mini is offered in120GB and 240GB capacities. The 120GB unit sells for $109.75, the 240GB unit sells for $194.99, and the new 480GB drive sells for $287. All capacities are available to ship right now.


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