Envivio shows off 1080p MVC encoding for 3D TV at NAB

There are lots of 3D TVs and other home entertainment gear on the market today for 3D in the home. The big catch so far is that there is very little 3D content on TV. That will be changing this year as satellite and cable providers ramp up 3D programming options.

A company called Envivio has demonstrated a new 1080p MVC encoding platform for 3D TV at the NAB conference in Las Vegas. The encoder is called 4Caster C42 (C4 squared) Three Screens video encoder. It can deliver full 1080p stereoscopic 3D content.

The big difference in the new encoding platform compared to existing side-by-side and over-under split image technologies for 3D is that the new 4Caster allows full original image resolution to each eye. The new encoder also promises to consume less bandwidth than streaming two 2D streams at once to get 3D content. The new platform is also compatible with 2D receivers.