Environmentally focused game turns SimCity green

Brenda Barron - Sep 9, 2008
Environmentally focused game turns SimCity green

As global warming and the idea of creating a sustainable society starts to mingle with politics, I thought it was interesting to see the SimCity Societies game modified to have a green focus.


Alternative Energy has taken the SimCity Societies game and built a lesson plan around it to teach children about green energy. It may not be 100% realistic, but the game does a good job of building a sense of awareness about the subject, especially with kids.

The target audience is kids aged 6-12 and it will help show them all of the alternative energy resources available. Apparently, there are 500 objects players can use in the game, plus they will have to come up with plans for addressing energy shortages and budgets, and how to lower pollution.

[via Ubergizmo]

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