Enterprise space shuttle will be late to New York City

New York City is the kind of place where everyone likes to be fashionably late. And for the arrival of the city's first space shuttle museum exhibition, it looks like Enterprise will be no exception. The vehicle will not make it to the Big Apple as previously scheduled, because the National Aeronautics and Space Administration said there were unfavorable weather forecasts.

The shuttle had been set to take its journey up to the city that never sleeps on Monday. Now, according to a NASA spokesperson, the plan is to aim for Tuesday. In addition to the agency wanting the weather to be perfect to avoid any complications with the transport of the vessel, it also wants the actual process of the delivery to be a spectacle for the public to enjoy, something that would not have been possible in bad weather conditions.

Enterprise will make its way to NYC via a very specially equipped 747 airplane. The decision to park it at the Intrepid museum in Manhattan was made last year. Some called it a bad decision because New York has no solid connection to the space agency or the astronauts that piloted the craft, but the amount of visitors it will attract was more than enough for it to become the winning destination. It marks the first time that a retired space shuttle will call New York City its new home.

[via NY Times]