Energizer Xbox One 2X Charger recalled, burn hazard cited

JC Torres - Mar 15, 2017, 5:30am CDT
Energizer Xbox One 2X Charger recalled, burn hazard cited

Product recalls aren’t exactly new, but those especially related to fire hazards caused by batteries have recently become more publicized. This time, however, the culprit isn’t a smartphone but almost an unlikely one. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC has announced a recall of PDP’s Energizer Xbox One 2X controller chargers, citing reports of overheating that could potentially lead to fires.

The problem with almost all wireless devices, like wireless Xbox One controllers, is that they will inevitably need to be recharged. Unlike the consoles themselves, however, chargers don’t have cooling systems to combat overheating and simply rely on circuits to try stop the flow of power in hazardous conditions.

For whatever reason, that, unfortunately, isn’t the case with Performance Designed Products’ latest Energizer-branded chargers for the Xbox One controllers. Several owners have reported that the charger overheats to the point that even the charger’s plastic cover has started to deform. Some have even reported burning odors, pointing to a fire hazard waiting happen.

The Xbox One 2X Smart Charger has only been in the market for about a month but now the CPSC is recalling those units, particular those with model numbers “048-052-NA”. Owners are, of course, advised to send theirs back. Sadly, the units are still on the market from various retailers, both online and in-store. It should probably be a good time for Xbox One owners to use their networks to spread the word to help prevent potential further mishaps.


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