Energizer unveils AP1201 rechargeable iPhone 4 battery case

Energizer has been rolling out some nice products for Mobile phone users over the last few month with some inductive charging solutions that I talked about last month. Energizer has now unveiled a new product just for iPhone 4 users called the AP1201 Rechargeable iPhone 4 Case with Built-in Battery.

That name is a mouthful, but it's basically a case specifically made for the iPhone 4 with a battery to extend your talk time. Energizer promises that the integrated battery provides nearly twice the power of the iPhone and protects the phone from drops too. Power levels in the battery are shown via hidden LEDs on the back of the case.

Charging of the battery inside is done with a USB charging cable that is included and the iPhone can be charged at the same time via pass through charging. The battery inside is rechargeable up to 500x. The case is available right now for $69.99 at retailers around the country.