En-Tech Vibe NVE-100 earphones are the most awesomest ever

So you want to be able to not get killed while jogging, but you want to be able to clearly hear your music, the only way to do that would be with some sort of sonic vibration headphones that sends the music directly to your tympanic membrane but don't block your ear canal or damage your ear drum, well, hear they are (you see what I did there?)! Hopefully they come in some other color than pink when they go on sale.

It comes with a battery and requires a half hour of charging before you can use it, but they last 6 hours off that charge and, like I said, they should deliver quality audio while still allowing you to hear ambient noise. They clip onto your ear lobe sort of like a clip-on earring, but in a different location, thus leaving the ear-canal unobstructed.

When they drop, they will cost you about $105, but they will only be available in Korea. Now all they need to do is add some Bluetooth technology and bring them to the US and I'd be really happy.

En-Tech Vibe NVE-100 ear-phone clips onto the ear [via newlaunches]