Emergency Lightsabers - Break Glass In Case Of Sith

Spike TV is going to be airing the entire series of Star Wars movies one after another on April 4th. In an effort to advertise this movie showing they put up at least one of these ads at a bus stop shelter thing in New York.

There is clear glass, like as if the ad is missing, but they've replaced the normal 4 bulbs with 2 red, a blue, and a green to make them look like lightsabers and the ad below says "Use Only In Case Of Sith". So, playing on the good old fire extinguisher, fire axe, or fire hose in the hallway, they are marketing an event that will last several hours through a total of 6 movies.

Personally I think its ingenious. However the last time someone did something like this, it didn't go so well because people actually broke the glass to get to the $50 pair of Dockers that were in the case. Hopefully no one is that dumb this time.

[via amNewYork]