Embrace+ bracelet notifies you with light

Shane McGlaun - Feb 21, 2013
Embrace+ bracelet notifies you with light

It seems like every time we turn around there is some sort of wearable device that is designed to interface with various smartphones. A new wearable smartphone notification device has hit Kickstarter called the Embrace+. The project designers described the system as a fashion accessory with true functionality.

The Embrace+ works in conjunction with an app that runs on your smartphone allowing you to set custom colors that the bracelet will glow to tell you just about anything your smartphone is doing. You can set custom color notifications for incoming calls from specific users such as your significant other, boss, friend, a specific color for a group, or for unknown callers.

The bracelet can also be set for notifications about text messages, e-mails, Facebook posts, alarms and timers, low phone battery, phone out of range warning, calendar alerts, and lots more. The application that runs the bracelet is available for the iPhone and Android devices. The app is also designed to be easy to skin for customization.

The bracelet user can set custom colors for notifications or custom colors and custom blinks as well as vibration feedback. The application has a color wheel that allows you to choose just about any color you can think of. The bracelet will be available in three shapes named after gemstones including Topaz, Beryl, and Opal. The bracelet is available in three different sizes and promises 10 days of use with approximately 100 notifications per day per charge. The device charges via a USB port and a full charge takes only 10 minutes. The bracelet is waterproof and connects to the phone using Bluetooth. Kickstarter backers can get their hands on one bracelets for $39 with shipping expected in June.

[via Kickstarter]

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