EM-X270 Embedded Mobile Device can be a DIY smartphone

So what this is is a really small motherboard, basically. It's been made to be mobile, and you can get Windows CE or Linux for it.

It comes with 128MB of RAM, 512MB of flash storage and a 520MHz Intel XScale processor. There are other chips built in, but that's the real meat and potatoes if you know what I mean.

The real fun comes by way of possible additions which include a GSM chipset that includes GPRS functionality. There is also a 3.5" touchscreen, a better graphics controller, GPS radio, WiFi radios, Bluetooth radio, an expansion connector, camera, with a pretty good resolution too, an SD/MMC card slot, USB ports, Serial ports, main and backup batteries as well as a charger, and an integrated speaker. You can even get a SIM socket to use with your GSM chipset, you know, in case you don't own your own GSM network and all. The starting price, which I think is just what's mentioned in the second paragraph, is $122, then you can add all the other stuff for more. The only downside is, these prices are only if you buy a 1000 plus units.

EM-X270 Embedded Mobile Device – build your own smartphone [via redferret]