Elon Musk's Boring Company reveals exciting ambitions

Christening a drilling company "The Boring Company" is both the worst way to name a baby and also a stroke of genius at the same time. The tongue-in-cheek but totally official and legal name belies Musk's ambitions to get rid of the bane of his existence: LA traffic jams. At a press conference held, almost by fate, at the Leo Baeck Temple near the Interstate 405 freeway, the illustrious revealed details of his tunnel vision that proves just how un-boring his youngest company is.

Musk goes into detail about what he calls the Loop, to some extent a smaller scale implementation of the Boring Company's ultimate goal. That tunnel will only run across downtown LA to LAX and will carry 16 people at a time. Traveling at a speed of 150 miles per hour, the travel time should take around 8 to 10 minutes. The clincher, however, is the $1 fare that Musk plans to charge passengers.

The Loop pales in comparison with the end game: the Hyperloop. This tunnel system is envisioned to carry people across the country at airline speeds. There are a few competitors to the Boring Company in this space though Musk's company already got approval for a tunnel between New York and Washington, DC. The company, however, is taking baby, comparatively boring, steps in LA first. After all, Musk says, if you can build a tunnel in LA, you can do the same anywhere.

The Loop isn't the only tunnel the Boring Company is boring, however. There will also be one that will run parallel to the I-405 but won't be for public transportation. But perhaps the most mysterious of all is a "partnership" between the company and LA Metro. Previously, the city was worried about the Boring Company coming in conflict with its own tunnel plans, though the exact details of this partnership are still unknown.

The Boring Company is perhaps one of the most ironic companies in recent times. It stands to have the most impact and benefit to Earth-bound humans but also meets the most friction in government and public acceptance. It is also more ambitious, almost to an insane degree, than, say Tesla, but is actually just a side hustle for Musk. And as much as it seeks to build, it might also destroy with its Boring Flamethrowers which, if Musk is serious, will be personally delivered by the company to each and every buyer.